Recent Setlist Highlights

7.10.15 Downright @ Soulshine in Nashville, TN

Set 1: Say Some Words, Red Like the Devil, Baksheesh*, Wait on Him, Drinking the Dregs, Get Yourself Free, Pants*, Come out and Play*, Don’t Do It*, My Style, Natty Bumppo

Set 2: Where Do You Get Off?, Put Me On the Ranch, Boat of Distraction**, Common Girl**, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn, Spindle, Stiff Niblet, Hidden Agenda > Funky Town

Encore: Girlfriend is Better

* With Ike Stubblefield on Organ
** With Ike Stubblefield on Organ and Jermal Watson on Drums

Live YOUTUBE Clip: Baksheesh w/ Ike Stubblefield


NAMM Summer Conference 2015 in Nashville, TN
5:00pm – Lightning 100 “Live Broadcast”
7:00pm – Omega Swan (Nashville, TN)
9:00pm – DOWNRIGHT


Downright at River Fete backstage shot orange

5.1.15 River Fete Festival in Alexandria, LA

Wait on Him, Red Like the Devil, Hidden Agenda > Get Yourself Free,
Where Do you Get Off, Stiff Niblet > Don’t You Want Me? > My Style,
Pants > Take Me To the River* > Say Some Words, Don’t Do It, Drinking the Dregs, Girlfriend is Better, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn
*Take Me To The River (Al Green) – First Time Played
Other Artist: North Mississippi All Stars, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Delta Saints and many more.

 Vimeo Clip w/ Downright:


Downright at Tips

4.30.15 Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA

Wait on Him, Afro Beat, Red Like the Devil, Hidden Agenda, Get Yourself Free, Where Do you Get Off, Stiff Niblet > My Style, Pants on Backwards*

w/ St. Paul & The Broken Bones

DJ LOGIC – guest whole show


10.31.14 Downright’s Boo Ball @ BottleTree in Birmingham, AL

Theme From Downright > Red Like The Devil, Boat Of Distraction, Hidden Agenda, Natty Bumppo, Baksheesh > Workin’ Day And Night (Michael Jackson), Well, House On Solid Ground > I Want It > Where Do You Get Off, Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees), Get Yourself Free, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (Tracey Morgan), My Style, Pants, Funky Town (Lipps, Inc.)
 10-31-14 Downright_Mike Doughty at Bottletree_Social MediaHaloween Duo
Encore: Octavian

With very special guest:Mike Doughty

First Time Played: Stayin’ Alive, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

CUKO RAKKO_Logo 10.3.14 Cuko Rakko Music Festival in Steele, AL 

Theme From Downright > Hidden Agenda, Red Like The Devil, Common Girl, Well, Boat Of Distraction, House On Solid Ground, Come Out And Play, Where Do You Get Off?, Get Yourself Free, My Style, Pants, Natty Bumppo, Put Me On The Ranch, Say Some Words, Talking Loud And Saying Nothing (James Brown)  Steve and Wildman Steve

Encore: Octavian > Riding Down The River

Special Guest: Wildman Steve on Washboard, Chad Fisher on Trombone, Rob Alley on Trumpet

Bust Outs: Ridin Down The River


8.30.14 BREWFEST at Avondale Brewing Company
Brewfest 2014_Official Poster

Say Some Words, Fishbowl, Red Like the Devil, Boat of Distraction, Well, Able, Hidden Agenda, Baksheesh, Afro Beat, J.J Bailey, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn, French Quarter > Let Me Clear My Throat (DJ Kool) > French Quarter, My Style, Get Yourself Free, Wait on Him, Pants on Backwards, Where Do You Get Off?, Natty Bumppo

Encore: Girlfriend is Better > D-Funk

Special Guest: DJ Logic, Myron W. Scott on percussion, Ashley Roberts on Vocals and the Rain or Snow Horns: Steve Roberts, Chris Allison & Chris Anderson

First Time Played: Afro Beat (DJ Logic), JJ Bailey (DJ Logic), French Quarter (DJ Logic) and Let Me Clear My Throat

Live YOUTUBE Clip:


7.20.14  Historic Zeugheer Hall @ Blueballs Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland

DR blueballs crowd

Drinking the Dregs > Hidden Agenda, I Want It, Boat Of Distraction, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn, Well, Put Me On The Ranch, Thunder*, Wait On Him** > Where Do You Get Off?**, > My Style**, Get Yourself Free**, Pants On Backwards**

Encore: Natty Bumppo**
* with Rain or Shine Horns – Steven Roberts, Chris Allison, Christopher Reece Anderson
** with Rain or Shine Horns + Ashley Roberts (Roberts Jazz Project) on Vocals, Jacob Edwards (Roberts Jazz Project) on Bass,  Matin Castor (Roberts Jazz Project) on Keys

Downright playing at Blue Balls 2014

 Live YOUTUBE Clip:
6.20.14  WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham, AL 

Set 1: Nap, My Style, Pants, Seven Little Drops of Rain, Howard Dean, Boat Of Distraction*>Black Muddy River*, Drinking The Dregs*, Wait On Him*, Nothin’ Like A Hundred Miles*, Say Some Words, Get Yourself Free

Set 2: I Want It, Fishbowl, Thunder, Red Like The Devil, Where Do You Get Off*> House On Solid Ground* >Workin’ On A Building*>House On Solid Ground*, Dublin Blues*, Fixin’ To Die* > Natty Bumppo*

Encore: Thank You (Falettin’ Me Be Mice Elf Again)

* With Rev. Jeff Mosier on Banjo

Special Guest: Myron W. Scott on percussion

Festival Expressions opened the show

First Time Played: (7) Seven Little Rain Drops (Original – Steve Lewis), Howard Dean (Original – Steve Lewis), Black Muddy River (Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia), Nothin’ Like A Hundred Miles (James Taylor), Workin On A Building (Traditional), Dublin Blues (Guy Clark), Fixin To Die (Bukka White)

4.26.14  Jazzfest After Dark @ in New Orleans, LA  
Set 1: Theme From Downright > Common Girl, Drinking The Dregs > Cop On A Bike > Say Some Words > Girlfriend Is Better (Talking Heads), Well, Natty Bumppo, Come Out & Play
Set 2: Bat > Work > Bat > Boat of Distraction > Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn > Life During Wartime (Talking Heads), Get Yourself Free, Pants, WDYGO?, The Nap, Don’t You Want Me (The Human League) > My Style, Nature Girl, Baksheesh, Able, Wait On Him, Workin Day & Night (Michael Jackson) > Electric Feel (MGMT) > Just Kissed My Baby (The Meters) > Funkytown (Lipps, Inc.)
Matt and George PorterEncore: Hidden Agenda > D-Funk, Whisky River (Willie Nelson)
5.8.14  The Five Spot in Nashville, TN
My Style, The Nap, Get Yourself Free, Wait on Him, WDYGO?, Common Girl, Bat > Work > Bat, Natty Bumppo, Put Me on the Ranch, Pants, I Told A Lie, Boat of Distraction, Thunder, Well,
Encore: Hidden Agenda
Willie & The Giant opened the show
First Time Played: Work (Original)
6.6.14 Lightning 100 Presents @ Soulshine in Nashville, TN

Well, Say Some Words, Drinking The Dregs, I Told A Lie, Cop On A Bike, Common Girl, Natty Bumppo, Get Yourself Free, Come Out & Play, My Style, Where Do You Get Off?, The Nap, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn, Pants, Put Me on The Ranch

Encore: Hidden Agenda

Lightning 100 Presents  
DR 4-5-14 Nashville


8:00 Train Company (Chicago, IL)
9:00 The Ivory’s (Chicago, IL)
10:15 DOWNRIGHT (Birmingham, AL)
 3.9.14 DOWNRIGHT @ Marty’s in Birmingham, AL “Midnight til Daylight”
Set 1: Theme from Downright, Common Girl, Drinking the Dregs, Cop on A Bike, Say Some Words, Well, Natty Bumppo, I Told A Lie, Come Out and Play, Bat, Boat of Distraction, Crunchy Crunchy Popcorn, Life During Wartime*
Set 2: Get Yourself Free, Pants, Where Do You Get Off?, The Nap, Don’t You Want Me?*, My Style, Baby Don’t You Do It*, Nature Girl, Baksheesh, Able, Put Me On The Ranch, Sail On*#, I Want It, Wait on Him, Workin’ Day and Night*, Electric Feel*, Girlfriend is Better* > Just Kissed My Baby*, Funky Town*, Hidden Agenda
Encore: D Funk# > Marty# > Octavian

Sail On – Commodores
D Funk – New Original
Marty – New Original

Life During Wartime – Talking Heads
Don’t You Want Me? – Human League
Baby Don’t You Do It – Marvin Gaye
Sail On – Commodores
Workin’ Day and Night – Michael Jackson
Electric Feel – MGMT
Girlfriend is Better – Talking Heads
Just Kissed My Baby – The Meters
Funky Town – Lipps, Inc.
Octavian – Last Time played 9/9/2005  


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